Evaluation request letter


Send to a copy to the principal, the guidance counselor, and keep one for your own files.

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Principal's name
School name
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Dear (Principal's name):

I am the parent of (your child's full name) whose date of birth is month/day/year.
(Your child's name) is in the (number) grade in room (number).
I am requesting that a multidisciplinary evaluation be carried out to determine if my child is gifted. I understand that I am a member of my child's multidisciplinary team, and I wish to give input to the team. Please let me know how I can participate in this process.

I look forward to the school district providing me with a notice of my parental rights and a
"Permission to Evaluate" form for me to sign. I understand that the evaluation must be
completed within 45 school days after the district receives my signed Permission to Evaluate
form and a report will be provided to me within 15 school days after the evaluation is complete.
Please contact me if you require any further information. Thank you.

(Your name)

Download this letter in PDF format here